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Investors Welcome

Discover local real estate investment opportunities that you can buy yourself or partner with other local investors.

Local Real Estate

If you own a home you’re already a local real estate investor. 

The good news is that you already know the market and are ideally placed to invest in another local property.

We’re perfectly positioned to help you identify the best local real estate investment opportunities, including off-market deals that will never hit the MLS..


Invest With Others

Another option is to invest with other local investors. 

 You can partner with your neighbors to jointly own another investment property. 

We’ll introduce you to like minded investors and show you how to pool your resources and partner on a local investment deal.


We Love Real Estate!

We’re obsessed with neighborhood real estate.

That’s why we pay special attention to every home in the area (not just homes for sale) and what’s going on with the local real estate market. 

You’ll be stunned by how often we come across a local real estate investment opportunity that’s perfect for local investors.

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